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Nezar Alrawi

Film director, producer, writer, and graphic designer.
CEO and Founder of the Gutt Land Productions, in Luxembourg which mainly supports environmental issues and adopts the vision of the Green Line Cinema.

Foggy Landscape


  •  Ph.D. in Contemporary Arab Sociopolitical History (University of Granada) (In progress)

  • Mini MA from the European Institute of Leadership and Management (2024)

  • Visiting professor at Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman, teaching graphic design (2009/2010).

  • Obtained a diploma in documentary filmmaking from the University of Palermo in Italy (2007).

  • Visiting professor in an Art institution for girls in Baghdad (2005-2006).

  • Master’s degree in visual perception Baghdad University (2007).

  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design from Baghdad University (2000).


  • Cultural Advisor to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2008-2011).
    • Supervisor of kids’ art workshops in Al Fallujah, Najaf, Al-Sader city,
    Al Hila, Al Ramadi, Abu Ghraib, Karkouk, and others (2004-2006).
    • Supervisor of constitutionality enlightenment campaign in Iraq
    • CEO Al-Zahra Media Productions (2004-2015)
    • Supervisor of (UNFEM's) enlightenment elections campaign in Iraq
    (2004- 2005).
    • Supervisor of the democracy campaign which covered the whole of Iraq
    • Senior Graphic Designer at Babel Press (2000-2003).
    • Fonder And Head of the International Iraq Short Film Festival (ISFF)(2005-2013).


  • UNESCO climate change video that was screened at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai in November (2023). (Producer and Director)

  • Lourdes-Grotte zu Rippweiler, 30 min documentary for Rippweiler Oeuvres Paroissiales, (2023). (Producer and Director & Editor)

  • EE LIEWE FIR D'EVANGELIUM, 30 min documentary for SNDICAT D'INITIATIVE-GEMENG USELDANGE (2022). (Producer and Director & Editor)

  • WE Are One, 10 min lyrical feature film (2021). (Cinematographer & Editor)

  • A Serious Comedy, 30 min Docudrama (2014). (Writer & Co-Editor)

  • Ancient Chants, 24 minutes Documentary (2008)(Researcher)

  • Man and Domes, 20 min documentary. (2006). (Writer and Narrator)


  • Life Member of the International Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA).
    • Member of the Iraqi authors and writers Union.
    • Member of Iraqi artists syndicate (the general center).
    • Member of the Iraqi Plastic Arts Association.
    • Member of the Iraqi calligraphers association.
    • Founding Member of the Iraqi Association for Cultural Support.
    • Founding Member of the Contemporary Visual Arts Association (CVAS).
    • Founding Member of the Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange in Luxembourg (AACE).



GD Book.png

Principles of Graphic Design - Concepts and Practices 


GD Book 2.png

Design - construction of the relations system



The Psychology of Perception of Graphic Design Master's Baghdad University 2007


Hala magazine and he is the art director


Edit the plastic art page in (Al-Shabab Magazine) (1996-2000)


Published many critical studies on culture and arts in many Arabic journals and magazines




Nine international awards from various film festivals for the short film "A Serious Comedy"


Honorary Award from the Green Bank in Dubai



Won the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) grant for the year (2012) for the best Arab project in the field of visual arts.

The second award in the competition for the best announcement about the environment in Baghdad (UNDP)


First award of the culture poster Iraqi Ministry of Culture

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